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Lead Screw Customization


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An economical solution for high-precision designs and applications, lead screws provide compact, quiet linear motion.

No other linear motion component combines the speed, accuracy, efficiency, repeatability, quiet operation, lubrication retention, load capacity, and compactness of Thomson lead screws. Our lead nuts are available in a standard threaded or flanged mounting configuration, and anti-backlash nuts provide the best positional repeatability.

Not every linear motion design can meet the optimal specifications by using standard lead screws. In these cases, Thomson offers its engineering services to help you customize lead screws to meet your exact requirements and keep your project running smoothly.  

Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process: 

Technical Articles

  • Why Lead Screw Motor Connection Methods Matter

    Which motor is right for your lead screw application? A properly integrated lead screw and motor can cut costs, boost performance, simplify maintenance and provide greater prototyping flexibility. Three of the most common approaches include implementing an external shaft coupling; permanently or semi-permanently fusing the lead screw and the motor shaft together; and using detachable connections. This article covers the key considerations when comparing these options. 

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  • Headline

    With careful attention to selection and application, lead screws can deliver efficiency that comes close to ball screws on many applications, high levels of load capacity and very good positioning accuracy. Lead screws also offer many other advantages such as more flexible configuration and form factor, the ability to operate without lubricant, quieter operation, clean materials and lower cost. This article examines how to determine whether a particular application is a good fit for lead screws, and how to select the right lead screw for the application. 

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  • Lead Screws Q&A – Application Considerations

    This article answers five key questions about specifying lead screws for your linear motion applications. 

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Lead Screws (Supernuts) 2D/3D Interactive Models
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